We are a medical acupuncture Center, specialized on traditional Chinese medicine, treating with acupuncture, herbal therapy and moxibustion. If you should wish further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Also we are pleased to welcome you personally in our practice.
Under “Anwendungsbereiche” you can find our treating indications. Some of our main focuses are:

  • Pain therapy
  • macula degeneration of the eye
  • female and male fertility
  • treating parallel to IVF Allergies of any kind
  • Burn-out and Anti-stress treatments
  • Dental joint pains and Dental focal infections on teeth an dental nerv, in cooperation with University clinic Frankfurt am Main, Carolinum Non-Smoking and Detox

We are happy to counsel and treat you through any kind of medical problem, if necessary we cooperate with many specialists and large University clinics because we are professional partners of such. So again don’t hesitate to contact us.